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Does it make sense to fly back to US from a non-quarantine country?

I believe just today Switzerland lifted mandatory quarantines for anyone who tests positive for covid. The UK covid rules say they suggest or recommend quarantining with a positive test and Sweden says all covid restrictions are lifted in the country, which implies no mandatory quarantine as well, though I'd like to see an actual statement saying no quarantine to be sure. My point is, for travelers who are afraid of a positive test on their way back to the US, perhaps ending their trip in such a country might be a good idea.

I'm not suggesting acting irresponsible, but I think if one had a positive test for their flight home it would be nice to deal with it without going into a mandatory covid quarantine hotel, like some Americans have had to do in Italy. On another forum I've been reading about some rather troubling and challenging experiences related to this, and personally I'd rather be handling things and quarantining responsibly on my own terms like our family had to do at the start of this year for instance. Put another way, if someone was doing an Italy Switzerland combination trip ( a great idea by the way), I'd say by all means start in Italy and end in Switzerland.

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The U.K. doesn’t suggest quarantining, they suggest self isolating. Quarantining here means a designated hotel with strict requirements. These were scrapped months ago. You are recommended to avoid people for 5 days after testing positive. Many employers are telling staff to go in and wear a mask, apparently.

You will still need a negative test to fly home. In most countries, France, U.K. etc, that means that you need to find yourself some accommodation and hunker down, not a quarantine hotel. I would be more concerned about levels of infection in each country and whether mask wearing was mandatory in indoor spaces and therefore the risk of catching Covid. There are no restrictions in England and now getting on for 10% of the population currently has it. Your chances of catching it are therefore fairly high. As there are no restrictions, you can wander round unmasked and spread it to everyone you come into contact with.

The recommendation that most of us Europeans have been making for the past two years still stands IMO - try to limit the number of countries that you visit (ideally one).