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Covid Tests in Europe

A friend posted on FB that she paid well over $200 American dollars for one Covid test (required for trip home). Is this standard? Is this what all countries charge? This was in Scotland. Seems outlandish.

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I'm sure the cost of a Covid test varies a lot and you might find some that cost that much. I've got some iHealth rapid tests that the US government sent me and am planning to use one of those for my return, proctored via iHealth, for $25, for my return test. Sounds like a laptop (which I will have) is required though.

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We just paid 29 Euro for a test at the Frankfurt airport. Results emailed to us in 15 minutes. Uploaded to United and approved “ travel ready” in 30 minutes.

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We paid 19 euros for a rapid COVId test last week in Vienna. Results in 15 minutes

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TravelingMom, were you required to make an appointment in advance to be tested at Frankfurt Airport?

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We are in the Netherlands and will be flying back to the U.S. on Sunday. I’ve booked our appointments for an antigen test Saturday afternoon at the cost of €39.95 each. That seems to be the standard for the places I checked in Haarlem, our home base.

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I did exactly what Andrew H. did last week in the UK. Used the free home iHealth kit I fortuitously brought with me and scheduled the online proctoring for $25. It was very easy to schedule. You do need a laptop or computer, though; you can't do it with your phone. Within moments of completing the test they sent me an email with the certificate. I didn't think of this before my trip and I'm just glad I had the test kit with me so I didn't have to spend a lot or interrupt the last day of my vacation! I'd say it took about 40 minutes (although part of that time was simply waiting for the proctor to connect with me). I could have taken a test at Heathrow the day I left but this is a much better option!

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Prices for tests are all over the place. We paid 35 euro each from Randox, sites at Dublin Airport, and generally saw prices from 45 to 90 euro for locations scattered around Dublin. I fear this is becom8ng a big business and there will be some pressure for the CDC to not change the testing requirement.

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Why would the CDC feel any pressure from European companies or pharmacies making money from selling tests ??

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Paid 22 Euro in Padua, 10 minute results. Reservations not required ar Pharmacy but I was 1st in line a Noon when they opened.