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Covid testing, in Florence, on a Sunday

Our RS tour ends on a Monday and our flight leaves at 10:30 am. I have heard that pharmacies are not open on Sunday in Florence for testing. Appreciate any tips. Thank you

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Our trip finishes in Florence too and I am going to order the proctored tests I can do over my phone.

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We had a 9:15 a.m. flight home from Porto on the day our RS tour ended. Early in the trip we learned that all the testing appointment details would be taken care of for us (the only ones going home to the US on the final tour date who hadn't brought a proctored self-test kit), and for some others going home from Porto, although not on the final tour day. Our guide, Claudia, selected the clinic and made appointments for the 4 or so affected couples. The appointment for me and my spouse was booked at the very start of our block of free time on the 2nd to last day of the tour. After that day's morning walking tour, Claudia walked us to the clinic. Those whose tests were in the next day or two were invited to accompany us so that they would know how to find the place. Claudia helped us with the machine that we had to use to indicate we had arrived for our appt., and she even waited until our swab was done so that she could walk us to a main drag, since a lot of streets were under construction and blocked off, and she didn't want us to get lost trying to figure out where we were. The test was 20 Euro per person and we got an email with results within 2 hours. (It did come to our spam folder instead of our normal in-box, so check that if you don't get your results when expected.) The report contained a QR code, but at the airport the next day, the gate agent said she didn't want to see the QR code, she just wanted to read the text of the email saying our result was negative. All of this couldn't have been easier. I have to assume that other guides, similarly, are helping with the testing appointments for tour members going home right away on the last day.