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Covid test to board Iberia Flights from Madrid to the U.S.

Hi, I am traveling to Spain, returning to the U.S. from Madrid, direct flight. Iberia/Finnair appears to have contracted with a outfit called Quirónprevención for Covid testing:
Has anyone done this? here are my questions?

Locations: They have several locations in Madrid but NONE at the Adolfo Suarez Barajas airport? are there any testing services at the airport?

If not has anyone, used Quironprevencion's services? if so, how did it work? what proof of a negative test to they provide?
Do you just then take this to the airport and present at check in? this is what anecdotally I have been told.
Any tips would be most welcome!!

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I've done that trip 3 times since November, and used a Quirónprevención clinic twice and the Binax telemed proctored test once. The advantages over doing it at the airport is really being a bit more relaxed about timing, and the ability to check in online for a smoother experience at the airport. And I've heard about some crazy lines at the airport testing center.

I booked appointments for the antigen tests at Quirónprevención online and went to the clinic on c/ Francisco Zea, near the Diego de Leon metro station. It was a smooth process, checked in at the front, waited for a nurse, and was tested all within 5-10 min of walking in for my appointment. Spanish web portals do not inspire confidence, so I asked for a printed, paper result. In late November the nurse told me to return to the waiting room, and she brought me the letter 20-ish mins later. In Early February rules had changed a bit, after Omicrom, and she asked me to leave, and return to collect it from reception in 30 mins. A bocadillo de jamon y una ca˜na later, and I popped back for the envelope.

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Oh, and my third trip back was 10 days ago. I did the Binx test with my iPad at my friend's kitchen table. Made my own sandwich and coffee while the test cooked. Now I wouldn't do it any other way.

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Outside of airports: last week, used to find a testing site near me in the city. $25 and good service. This website democratest is recommended on TripAdvisor as well as at my hostel. Got report on email, Iberia did cursory check at gate (because I already had boarding pass, no checkin)

Uploads: go an email from Iberia, uploaded all docs including test , which they “approved” via email beforehand (I think you can do this at the airport at check in too, no need to do beforehand as Iberia already sent a boarding pass before upload - some airlines like United hold up the boarding pass until upload)

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I got the Binax tests in the US and packed them over. Mabe not an option if you're already traveling.

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For Binax, make sure you buy the version for international travel. Also, don't forget that you can get a partial reimbursement from your insurance company.

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Thank you to everyone who has responded. There are many options! It seems like testing before you get to their airport either with a testing site or telemed kit is most convenient.

That being said, if anyone has tested at the airport I would be curious to hear how it went?
How smooth was it? were there lines?