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COVID Test at Rome Fiumicino - how long should I plan for

Has anyone flying from Rome to US gotten COVID Test at the airport? If so, how long did it take? Not sure how much extra time to budget before flight.

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We waited 3+ hours and only got tested when we spoke with someone because our flight check-in time was approaching. I would suggest getting a test at a pharmacy, if possible.

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My last city I will visit is Perugia. I am taking the train from Perugia & transferring to go directly to the Hilton Airport for my flight home the next morning. (I will be in Rome two months later.)

Is there a place at the airport before the security line where I could take a test the afternoon before I will return the next morning to the airport to fly home? Or is there a place near the main train station in Rome where I should get one before heading to the airport hotel?

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We found it much easier to get tested in Rome at a local Pharmacy (there were 3 offering tests within a few blocks of our hotel, or at least that we counted). The process was easy, went there the day before our flight, short line, quick test, 20 minutes and 20 euro+, we had a printout of results.

No way did I want to push it off until I got to the airport.

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Since we will be in between 2 flights, we don’t have the ability to leave airport and find a nearby pharmacy. Hoping since things have eased somewhat about testing that there won’t be 3 hour wait at airport site.

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Thanks for the answers. I found a test tent two blocks from our room. Under 30 minutes. Much less stressful than a long line at airport.

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I just did this Monday. I pre-registered, although there was really no wait when I got there around 3 pm. If you just show up, there are tablets to complete the necessary information. After I paid the 20 euros, I waited less than 3 minutes to get tested. I got the results in 15 minutes. Very easy. The testing is done in Terminal 3. It's well signed.
If you are doing this the day of the flight (I had a morning flight, so I did it the prior afternoon), I would recommend doing the online registration. They do give priority to those who are leaving that day.
I also had an easy process last July at a pharmacy in Rome. Most Italian pharmacies provide Covid tests or will point you to one that does. Since I was only in Rome, I scheduled that test in advance at the pharmacy. The process was simple and straightforward.