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Covid risk

In 3 days we are going to Paris and from Paris to Milan, Venice, Florence, and finally Rome before coming home.
We are +65 double boosters, with the last one 15 days prior to the beginning of our trip.
Can anyone give me some “fresh” information how are Covid cases going in those cities as now.
We are only traveling by plane when we go to Paris and when we come back home from Rome.
We really enjoy traveling and are excited to start this again.

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If you type "COVID cases" in Google, one of the first results should be a dashboard from the NY times showing cases. You can filter from the drop down menu by country. You can also check WHO and Johns Hopkins websites for tracking cases.

I'm not sure about cases by city, but maybe try a similar search using the cities as keywords.

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Given how much PCR testing has been reduced in many places along with more reliance on rapid tests done at home and results not reported, it may be difficult now and in the coming months to obtain an accurate picture of risk and cases. Most helpful is that you are well protected with your recent booster.

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I traveled for a month in May & June - France, Germany, Czech Republic, and Austria. Here's how I protected myself, and I never got sick. I packed four home antigen tests and tested myself weekly. I wore a KN-95 mask indoors, on public transport, and in crowds. I only ate inside a cafe or restaurant one time, during a torrential rain in Munich and there were only about 7 tables occupied in a large room. Other than that one lunch I ate outside only. I used hand sanitizing wipes a lot. I refused to let anyone else on an elevator with me, even if they were masked. I got snarled at and called ugly names on two occasions, but I didn't care. I traveled first class on thirteen train segments, and reserved single seats on all of them.

Since March of 2020 I've been very careful. I'm still ordering groceries online and picking them up in the store parking lot. Still not eating indoors in restaurants, I've been on several airline trips and wear a mask in airports on onboard flights. I have never contracted Covid, and am in the 23% of Americans who can report that. Like everyone else, I'm tired of wearing a mask and taking the precautions that I do, but I have to continue to be super careful because I have medical conditions that would make contracting even a mild case of Covid very risky.

I'm also very willing to do what I can to protect others, unlike the older man who yelled at me earlier this week on a flight. He wanted to sit next to me and i asked him to wear a mask. Several people around me immediately shuffled seats and shooed him away from our row.

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I went to Belgium and then to Paris in early August and followed the same basic routine as Dianne, the poster above. You can't avoid some lines and crowds, but in those situations I think that the N95 mask was the key factor in keeping me protected. Be aware that these do not seem to be readily available in drugstores. However they can often be found at Lowes or Home Depot type stores who stock them because painters and other workers use them. CVS also gave me a few. So wear your N95, follow Dianne's advice, and have a good time!

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I just checked the Rick Steves Tour Covid report for Aug 26th. It showed the lowest percentage of positive tests for participants on tour so far (1%). This doesn’t necessarily give you the big picture you were looking for, but it is a positive data point.

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Carol now retired,

I agree - the "on the road" report trend is encouraging.

7 (1%) of 702 travelers tested positive for the week of August 26 compared to the 20 (4%) of 502 travelers testing positive the previous week of August 19!

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There is relatively little testing being undertaken compared to previous times and the estimates of infection levels are therefore extrapolated. Infection levels generally seem to be dropping in most places, but it’s summer, so people are outdoors and children aren’t spreading it in schools.

Masks obviously help, but I know of several instances where one spouse contracted Covid and the other didn’t, which seems odd if it’s so contagious.

I still remain cautious and other than planes (I don’t remove my mask onboard at all, so no eating or drinking), I haven’t used public transport since before the pandemic. I don’t eat inside restaurants if anyone is sat within 2 metres. Luckily, I have avoided Covid so far. I have stopped wearing my mask when food shopping, but I still shop late in the evening.

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I agree with Dianne. Do your part by being proactive in mask wearing, using hand sanitizer, wiping surfaces, and eating outside when possible. I traveled for 4 weeks in December and January and, fortunately, didn't contract any illness in Italy and Greece. We traveled by bus, train, and plane. I must admit, there were times when I felt uncomfortable in crowded spaces (i.e. standing for an extended period in line for a covid test at FCO, flying Ryan Air, waiting in crowded TSA lines in ATL). However, I had to weigh the risks of staying home versus traveling. I could have as easily contracted covid in my hometown with mask wearing being minimal. At times, I felt as if people were staring as I wiped tabletops before eating in a restaurant or thoroughly cleaning the seat area/tray table on my flights. However, it made me feel as if I was doing everything possible to keep myself safe and healthy. In November, I'll be leaving for 7 weeks in Greece. I've had an in-depth conversation with my doctor assessing my health risks and what to take and do in the event I get sick while traveling. I'm hoping for the best but preparing for less than best. Wishing you a fabulous trip!

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Thank you all for your responses.
Masks ✅
Covid Tests✅
Hopefully, taking all measures to protect us, will allow my husband and me to have an enjoyable back to travel time.
BTW, I have been wiping seats, tables, seatbelts in planes since well before Covid. Also spray sanitizer have been my best friend for years. I used to work in schools LoL.