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covid 19 recovery letter/certificate

Anyone have any personal experience with a "certificate" of recovery from C19 for travel? I am going to Greece & Turkey in 6 weeks. I need what is called a recovery "certificate' on the Greece website. Wondering if this is just wording for a letter needed from a provider vs. a specific form as I cannot find one anywhere.

I am vaccinated, my daughter is not. We both have Covid and + tests (last week) so we will both fit within the guidelines of only needing to provide proof of recovery once our 28 days have passed.

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If you are vaccinated thats all you need to show.

If your daughter is not vaccinated, get a letter from who ever you can get one from saying she had covid and recovered and the date.

Her full name, passport number on the letter would be a great idea.

Then have her get a test prior to departure and even the letter isn't necessary.

I have been in both countries and neither has been real aggressive with the passengers.

Dont forget the Turkey Visa and the PLF as well as the Croatia one.

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She would have to test before entering Greece, before turkey, then again coming back to greece, then both of us reentering the US. With a letter none of that will be needed.
Main concerns: One can test positive for a couple months post recovery even though not contagious. I feel safer just having the letter/ certificate of recovery for both, then no more issues or testing for the entire trip for either of us.
Since there can be false negative tests, getting one prior to going to greece, she could possibly test negative initially then + before Turkey and we would both be stuck. Plus we would both have to test before coming back to US regardless of vaccination status.
Letter/certificate of recovery avoids any testing needs even coming back. Hoping to find someone with experience that has done this and if there were any issues..