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Costs of a post-quarantine ticket?

I'm not especially concerned about getting sick, but I am concerned about the cost and inconvenience after getting a positive pre-flight test to return to the US. If you've had to delay your return what is your experience booking a return flight? Did it cost more than your original ticket price? If so, was it as much as the cost of a short-notice one-way fare? Did the airline work with your and/or take into account that you changed due to not being allowed on your planned flight?


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Basically one-way fare minus any travel credits from original ticket. Insurance might cover the difference- note “might”!

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I can't remember which thread I read this report on, but at least one person stated that their airline (Delta) worked with them and there was only a slight increase in fare.

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If you have enough airline miles to cover a one-way ticket (can be under 35,000), I'd definitely research that option if facing a $$$ one-way fare (which, frankly, is what I'd expect). If you're close to the miles needed for a one-way ticket, you could buy enough miles to cover the shortfall; that could be a lot cheaper than paying cash for the new ticket.

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I think it depends on the airline and what the terms and conditions are surrounding your initial ticket purchase. I also saw the post about Delta and they seem to be working with people. I'm not sure that holds true if you buy the cheapest basic economy ticket they offer or not.