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* Updated- Confused about Needing a PCR Test to Depart the US

Hello! I am struggling to find a source of truth (and realize things are always changing). On 5/3 I fly to Rome with a lay lover in London. The following day I travel to Malta. If I'm vaccinated/boosted is that sufficient to enter Europe or do I also need to get a Rapid PCR test prior to departing the US? What are the best websites to find this info?
I really appreciate the advice, I've been going down rabbit holes unsuccessfully.
Update- I love this group, thank you so much! And wanted to share: Malta's government has a COVID 19 email address, I sent them an inquiry and they replied within 20 minutes. I don't need to test because my CDC card will be recognized. Now I can focus on getting excited to travel.
Thanks again all!

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Some airlines have online tools to assist with entry requirements for specific countries. There are requirements specific to individual countries. Example: Portugal requires proof of a negative test but Spain does not. I saw earlier that Portugal’s rules for the Azores were different from the mainland. This may be the case for Malta and Italy. I would check with your airline(s) now and then again on April 30th, May 1st and 2nd.

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You don’t need a test to depart the US. You may or may not need a test to ENTER the country you visit. So your research should be phrased that way - requirements to enter x country. For each country you will be in. Look at official sights by the government of that country if possible, things change so fast so info gets outdated easily.

Here’s what I found but do confirm in case it changes or I misread in my 2 minutes of research.

For England the government site I looked at says NO need for tests

For Italy it looks like you need vaccine and booster proof and to fill out their form

For Malta you need to do more research it seems a bit complicated. You need vaccine and booster documents but I can’t tell if the CDC card counts. If it does not you need a test within their time requirements. I had this situation in Portugal - I’m vaxed and boosted but Portugal doesn’t recognize the CDC card so Americans needed a test no matter what, at least in early March. So you might need a test before entering Malta. You may have trouble getting this given your multiple stops and the timing. This is an area I strongly suggest you research clearly.

Then of course you need a test to return to the US at the end of your trip.

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Check the regulations online for the specific countries today.

Then go back and check them tomorrow. Covid regulations are changing day by day.

Usually you don't have to go by a country's regulations if you're just in an airport connecting to another country. The jury is out.