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Bring KN95 mask supply with you OR purchase in Italy?

We are a few weeks out from leaving to Italy and doing our first My Way tour (have done previous RS tours). So. I’m in the process of pulling all my stuff together and as you all know space/weight when using a carry-on is at a premium. My question is if those of you who have already been in Italy this year brought your full supply of masks with you or did you just bring a few and then go to a oharmacia and purchase them as needed throughout your time there? I’m assuming they’re readily available but don’t want to arrive and then find that we have to spend time hunting them down.

Thanks much!

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Always bring a supply - 6 to 10. You can supplement as you go.

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We bring what we think we need. I had a hard enough time finding a style/brand that fit properly and didn't make my glasses fog. Don't want to waste time doing that while on vacation.

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I was reading that Italy requires FFP2 masks which are a little different than KN95 masks. Has anyone had any difficulity with KN95 masks vs FFP2 masks. I will need to buy more masks when I am in Europe gone for 75 days but wondering if I need to order FFP2 masks for the bus ride from the airport.

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I asked this question with regards to my upcoming visit to Germany in early October. Overwhelmingly, people advised me to bring N95s from home. The best reason was why waste time & money buying them while not being sure if they will fit comfortably or fog my eyeglasses.

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@Wendy. I don't think that you will find that there will be an issue using KN95 masks. I have not heard any reports of someone being asked to change from this type of mask.

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We leave a week from today for a 10 week trip. That would be a lot of masks because we still wear them indoors and outdoors in crowded situations. Friends just returned from England and I asked how easy it was to find masks. They said they didn’t see them anywhere. It makes sense since it appears not many people are wearing anymore. I got more masks and we will bring our own supply.

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I’ll be in Italy in a few weeks’ time, and am taking a combination of KN95’s for plane and train travel, and some blue surgical ones too for popping in and out of shops, etc.
I made sure to buy certified Canadian made ones of both, as they are purported to be of a higher safety standard than those made overseas.
One less thing to think about if you have them with you when you arrive.