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Booster shot required for Italy?

We will be traveling to Italy in May and I'm wondering if the requirement of being boosted is a RS Tour requirement or an Italy entry requirement? My sister in law went to Italy last week and was not asked of they were boosted. Only had to show their vax card. Which leads me to believe its a RS Tour requirement. Any clarification would be appreciated - thank you.

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Just returned from two weeks in Italy, we were asked to show our Covid Cards maybe 30% of the time but they did not seem closely inspected. No one asked, but they at least looked at the cards in some restaurants.

As an aside, we got our second booster 10 days before leaving for what we felt was our personal benefit going onto aircraft and into crowds.

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Thank you for your responses. I did finally get a hold of someone at the RS office, and she advised that "Rick is requiring his tour participants to be vaccinated including the first booster, unless your second vaccination was within 9 months from departure." In our case, 2nd vaccination was on 3/20/21 (outside 9m months), so we are required to get a booster to participate in the tour.

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If you use the tool above you will see it’s not just RS tour that requires
You are 9 months past your second shot, so Italy requires booster as well