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Berlin, Prague, and Paris, COVID travel insurance?

Hi all,

I am going to these three locations in September. My concern is travekl will somehow shut down because of rising numbers (though this seems unlikely based on past pandemic patterns). Or alternatively, there being a new testing requirement and my being positive and not being able to go. If I were to get travel insurance, would this insure against an inability to travel because of travel embargos? Honestly, can't tell from quotes I'm getting. Would love any feedback from those who have obtained travel insurance. I have chosen to book nunrefundable hotel reservations too.

Thank you,

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Quite a few threads on this subject if you use the search feature (the big magnifying glass found on the forums home page) that might have some answers for you.

Quickly: The only insurance that will cover your costs because of "fear of getting covid" (cold feet) is cancel for any reason insurance.

Trip Cancellation: You (or travel companion) actually have covid and can't begin your scheduled trip.

Trip Interruption: You (or travel companion) actually have covid and must abandon part of your trip to self-isolate.

Travel Guard and Allianz have these products as well as other companies. You can compare coverage at sites such as "insure my trip" and "square mouth". Be sure to read the coverage for any policy that you want to purchase to make sure it is actually covering what you want it to cover.

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Hello Dani,
One thing to add to what others have written. Trip interruption or trip delay is likely what you'll be covered under with insurance. Keep in mind the policies aren't designed to indemnify you for the full cost of the trip, their limits are much less than you'd expect. The declarations page of a policy is where you'll get the overview of limits and then the details are in the policy itself. You can usually get a sample policy online if you look closely at their websites.

I never book non-refundable hotels for the very reason that something may go wrong. Better to pay a little more up front than lose it all if something goes awry. It's no fun fighting for money after the fact. Just my opinion.