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Austria changes coming soon

So it looks like Austria as of this coming Tuesday will reduce the vaccine booster validity numbers down to 180 days, but will allow a negative test to suffice to enter for tourism purposes without quarantine, if I'm reading things correctly. Domestically, most restrictions on restaurants, museums etc will be phased out over the coming weeks, though I believe masks in public transportation will stay, as of now. If the vaccine mandate for Austrian residents and citizens goes into enforcement mode (I believe the law is on the books but not enforced yet) that would set up the situation that unvaccinated tourists who come into the country with just a negative test would be able to wander about the country but citizens of Austria would be held to a different standard. I can see where this could lead to some problems.

Anyway, things looking promising in Austria, and if in fact even the unvaccinated are allowed in with a test it marks yet another recent country to allow them in, joining Norway and the UK.

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Here is the official link with the latest information for COVID-19 regulations in Austria:

It is worth noting that Vienna will maintain a 2G stance (vaccinated/recovered) despite the fact that the remainder of the country will go 3G (vaccinated/recovered/PCR tested). In other words, the unvaccinated in Vienna can still not do very much.

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@ rob in cal,

To clarify your statement, if your 2nd vaccine was longer than 180 days ago, you will require a booster. A booster is good for 270 days. (It is not true that a booster is only good for 180 days).

You scared me with your statement!
Thanks Emily for the link!