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Are we going to need four COVID tests?

I've been doing some Covid research and I'm confused. We're flying to Slovenia (staying four days), driving to Croatia (staying four days), driving back to Slovenia (for three days), then flying home to the US.
Will I have to take a Covid test in the US to enter Slovenia, then another one to enter Croatia, then another to reenter Slovenia and then one to reenter the US? The logistics of that seem overwhelming, almost impossible. Does anyone have any insights or suggestions?

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When is your trip? Although there may be someone on the forum who can tell you what the rules are right at the moment, it's impossible to be sure about how they might change in the future.

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If you are vacinnated you do not need a covid test to enter Croatia. We went from croatia to bosnia and back again 2 days later and they hardly even looked at our passports, never mind vaccine info.

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We really need to know when you are going, because unless it is within the next couple of weeks it doesn't really matter. Things will change.

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One to enter Slovenia and one to enter US. in fact, in Croatia airport, I had a covid test but never showed it on entry because they accept the vaccine card. both solvenia and croatia are in the schegen zone for travel purposes - esp. if you are entering croatia from solvenia.

don't worry even if you need to do these multiple covid tests. most airports (or transit stations) have a rapid covid testing booth. covid testing sites are in all major areas and your hotel will tell you where to do one. day before your next journey, go to the local testing center, get the covid test and the result will be in your mailbox in an hour.

i don't think any of this will be required if you have the vaccine card. in addition, all countries are moving towards relaxing rules.