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Americans, fully-vaccinated, flying out of Canada


As Americans close to the Canadian border, we are planning to fly out of Toronto to Italy due to shorter flights and lower costs.

We are fully vaccinated, will use Canada's ArriveCan app, and plan on getting PCR tests 48 hrs before flight.

Although there doesn't appear to be any reason we shouldn't be able to do it, according to Canada's border sites and Air Canada, does anyone know of any issues with doing this? Contacting government channels has been slow and they just re-direct back to websites.

Just looking for re-assurance for anyone who has done this recently (crossed into Canada to take international flight).


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As long as you are fully vaccinated (have your proof of vaccination in hand) and have completed the Arrive Can app within 72 hours before crossing the border (and have received the receipt), you are good to go. Under those circumstances you don't need a test to enter Canada.

Is the PCR test a requirement to enter your destination country?

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PCR test - I see Canada dropped their molecular/PCR testing requirements for full-vaccinated visitors on April 1st. We are visiting Italy, which also dropped testing requirements for fully-vaccinated visitors in March.

I guess I'm just a bit of a pessimist/worry-wart and look at getting a negative test as a bit of insurance. I've never entered a foreign country to fly to another foreign country, and though I've heard plenty of people doing it pre-COVID, I just don't want to take any chances of getting held up somehow.

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I believe you will not be required to test to return home since you will be flying to Canada and crossing the border to the US by land. That is if the US testing requirement is still in place for when you travel. (I'm assuming you are driving across the border?)

Edit to add: I'm not sure what protections you would have in place regarding flight changes etc. Since the flight is out of Canada and you are a US citizen, I don't believe you would be protected by the US passenger protection laws the same as if you got a flight from the US.

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Hi J — we live in upstate NY and usually find it less expensive and less stressful to drive 4-5 hours to a major airport and then fly nonstop to Europe. We’ve flown out of Toronto on our previous two trips, and have loved it. Much less traffic, safe and affordable parking, beautiful airport with minimal lines. However, we are hoping to return to Europe this fall, and with everything that’s happened since the start of the pandemic, we decided our safest bet this time around would be to fly directly from the US. We didn’t want to have to factor potential additional testing requirements and border crossing challenges into the equation — especially with things changing all the time. So we’re flying out of Newark this time around. I’m hoping to return to Toronto departures in the future, but not this year.