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Allowed to visit Spain then enter France?

I plan to fly to Madrid 9/1/2021 to hike part of Camino de Santiago. Afterwards, I plan to go to Barcelona and then to Lyon, France. Will I be allowed to enter France from Spain?? I am fully vaccinated. Thank you.
Sonja Parker

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And the answer is a resounding "maybe" -- entry rules change day-to-day depending on medical conditions. Spain seems to be getting worse.

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Yes, lots of uncertainty. I had hoped things would stabilize instead of getting worse. The concern is over moving from one country to another with each country being in a different situation. I guess it will be a last minute call. Thank you for your response.

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Basically, it is impossible to know. For pretty much the same time period, I have a trip planned starting in France, venturing into Spain and then finishing in France, and I'm currently working on a "Plan B" since I'm not feeling extremely optimistic about Spain and then having to return to France. Just me guessing like everyone else, but I think there's a chance France might reinstate COVID tests to enter the country. There is a limit to how many COVID tests I'm willing to pay for. I also think there is a slight chance, unless Spain is able to turn around the uptick in cases, that France could close the border. Is your flight home out of France?

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Well, we will need to hear what President Macron says when he speaks on Monday evening.

Of course, what he says tomorrow may well not be in effect on September 1!