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50 minute connection in Schiphol adequate?

We are, hopefully, travelling to Venice in 2022. I found two flights on KLM from Seattle both connecting in Schiphol. One has only a 50 minute connection the other has a 3+ hour connection. We are checking bags as well as having carry-ons. We are seniors and may not be able to sprint through the terminal to make a connection. Is 50 minutes cutting it too close.
Have to say it is great to be able to answers to questions like this on the RS forum. Thanks!

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As both Delta and KLM show it on their respective sites, they believe it can be done.

If you were to arrive late and not make the 50m connection, there is the flight later that hopefully would have room to get you there.

The 50m connection has no fudge factor, so if peace of mind is important, the later flight may be the better choice. It gets to Venice at 130PM, so by the time you get to your lodging, you would probably be able to check in.

Arriving before noon on the earlier flight could leave you with having to wait to check in.

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I have done 1 hour connections at AMS. Wasnt fun. If there is one a few hours later, that would be my choice.

As for check-in times ... on a number of occasions I have checked in, but not gotten a key, left my luggage with the desk and started the fun. For that a longer layover helps as more than once I took a shower and changed at my connecting airport so I arrived a bit fresher.

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I avoid lots of connections that are deemed “legal”. One of my life goals is to never be that person running frenetically through an airport, trying to catch a close connection. We always book the longer connection, get a cup of coffee, catch up on emails and the news and relax a bit. I see nothing wrong with the 3 hour connection.

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Even for a good sprinter with good luck, 50 mins is too short. Too many variables that you cannot control. You have no margin for a simple mistake, or stumble. Take the 3 hrs and relax -- you are on vacation. You will need to go through both immigration and security. Schiphol is nice airport, take your time, enjoy a coffee. And is possible that you really don't have 50 mins if they are busing you to your plane.

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Thanks for the quick input. I will go with the longer connection. I also like Schiphol airport so that is a plus. Had another option to connect through CDG in Paris with 3x3x3 seating but am opting for KLM and 2x2 seating.

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We frequently fly from SeaTac on KLM or Delta with a 3+ layover at Schiphol. We don’t mind the few hours between flights. Like you, Schiphol is our preferred airport. We’ve never been disappointed. We were in Venice 2018, checked in at our hotel & took a walk to the Correr Museum to buy our museum pass. Enjoy your planning!

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One of my life goals is to never be that person running frenetically
through an airport, trying to catch a close connection.

Me too!

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I'm the opposite of Dave and Valerie in that I aim to be that person -- my ideal is to reach the gate as they complete high-status boarding and just begin groups 1&2, so that I have time to make a bathroom stop if I have to or just get in the line if I don't. Pre-9/11 my rule of thumb was to aim to get to the curb at the departures level less than an hour before listed departure time. If things go smoothly, great, and if they don't, I could hustle.

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I agree with Dave and Frank……we did this in the Schiphol airport in September…….flying home from Switzerland through Atlanta……and if a kind airline agent had not opened up a new line in customs and waved us in and the customs agent quickly read us through we certainly would have missed our flight……as we ran up to our Delta gate there were about 10 others that had rushed there with us panting and trying to slow our heart rates before we boarded! We had discussed this with Delta when the reservations were made and of course they said we would be able to make it……NOT!

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50 minutes is a bit on the short side for me. I usually like 1.5 hours as a minimum in case the first flight is late taking off.