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What's the responsible thing to do?

A local travel company here in my Mexican community is doing a tour to Copper Canyon ( in mid- to late-October. Several friends of mine are going, and they are eager for me to go. My heart says yes but my head says no.

I went and talked to the tour operators the other day. (I know them because I went with them on a tour to Cuba in January. Their tours are excellent.) The upshot is that the group, about 10-12 people, will be well distanced from others for the most part, but I doubt it will be possible to stay socially distanced from others within the group. I am friends with four of the people who are going; they know the others, but I don't.

Can anyone offer words of wisdom? I could probably isolate for two weeks after I got back, so I wouldn't be causing risk to others, but this still feels like a bad idea. I could wait and do this same trip (without my friends) next year or later, after I've been vaccinated.

What would you do?

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Follow your instincts, heart and head. If you are are uncomfortable for any reason, don’t go. If they are truly your friends, they will understand. Personally I would err on the side of caution.

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I wouldn't do it. There are too many uncertainties. I would love to see the Copper Canyon someday, but not someday soon.

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Wow. I would go without a second thought.

I would continue to wash my hands and limit movement in the community and physically distance where possible, but not completely self isolate. Stay away from public places and limit visitors if I experience symptoms. I would continue to wear a mask when at indoor public places and outdoor public places where I couldn't physically distance.

But for you and others, I would suggest that you only go if you feel safe and comfortable. If you don't, let the others that do feel safe and comfortable enjoy the tour without someone looking to hall-monitor the experience.

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I think the risk is that you don't have any control over what the 10-12 people are doing or have been doing. In fact, you don't mention your four friends--would you be comfortable with the risk they represent? We have seen family who do not live in the same house as we do so I have thought long and hard about risks. I personally would not travel with friends or family unless they have tested negative for covid and/or represent low risk--wearing masks religiously and not in high risk situations like working with the public. For example, we saw my son and his girlfriend when he was working from home and she had just finished nursing school online in May and they both were wearing masks when venturing out. However, we asked them to get tested for covid before coming to visit this past weekend. She is now working with the public as a nurse--she is not in a hospital and wears a mask all the time but we still were not comfortable with the risk.

You and your friends can agree upon the conditions you will meet before vacationing together but it seems to me you have little control over the rest of the group. For that reason, I wouldn't do it.

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If something feels like a bad idea, don't expend too much mental resources to try to rationalize it. My advice is to listen to your head, even if peer pressure is pulling you the other way. The trip will always be there, no need to follow the herd right now.

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I would normally hesitate to offer advice, but I recently had a similar situation where friends of many years wanted to gather, safely, to celebrate my milestone birthday. ( Doesn’t that sound nicer than 70? ) I debated, wondered, worried, and declined despite much kind urging. I explained that I couldn’t quite understand it myself, and that I had some time ago concluded that I didn’t always have to understand my own feelings. Sometimes you just go with your gut. Maybe those years have paid off somehow. Do as you choose. Friends are people who care about you.
P.S. They sent me beautiful cards and nobody hates me yet.

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If something feels like a bad idea...don't try to rationalize...listen to your head...trip will always be there

Agnes makes some very good points. If something "doesn't feel right", rarely is that instinct wrong.

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Wait until there is a vaccine. Copper Canyon isn’t going anywhere.

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If we want to get the virus under control we need to each do our part to stop the spread. This means, for me, to put off travel until the experts tell us it’s safe to go back to pre-Covid times. It’s painful not seeing my kids but from my driveway. It’s painful not being able to fly to see my family who live 2,000 miles away. I’m finding people where I live are wearing masks but are not considerate of people’s space.

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I had some time ago concluded that I didn’t always have to understand my own feelings.

Denny, you nailed it. But lots of folks don't accept that; they still want you to rationalize or justify those feelings.

Lane, if you aren't completely (or nearly so) comfortable with the trip arrangements, stay home. As Suki said, Copper Canyon isn't going anywhere.

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Emma I totally agree with your post. I also agree that to go with your gut instinct which to me is what I gather from your question is not to go. These attractions will be there and should a friend not agree and get mad at you I would question that friendship. Good luck.

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My mother used to say, if you have to ask, you know the answer. Your inner voice is telling you not to go.

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IN my experience when asking advice, we are often hoping for one answer. It sounds to me when you ask "what is responsible" that you feel you shouldn't go. And as you suggest a quarantine for 2 weeks after this, it sounds as if you feel this is a risky choice. Will you be comfortable going if everyone on the travel forum says to go? I don't think the trip will be much fun, if in the back of your head you are worried you made the wrong choice.

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It's not just that you could contract Covid, it's that you could give Covid. When in doubt do without. Yes, many people are traveling because they can and they are "taking precautions." The responsible thing is to stay at home. If you're not sure, check out this video:

Evaluate the risks and possible consequences. Questions to ask yourself; what is your age and personal health factors? What kind of activities? Horseback riding/hiking in the great outdoors? Sitting in a crowded bar and enjoying cocktails with strangers? Etc.. Are you willing to wear a face mask when within 6 ft. of others? Consider carrying your own sanitizers and disinfecting wipes. Are you at any more risk than within the USA? Are you prepared to quarantine if necessary? I think you will find your travel answer after you answer these questions for yourself.

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Wow, what fantastic and thoughtful responses! I'm really appreciative.

To be honest, I had pretty much already made up my mind not to go, and was kind of hoping for a groundswell to convince me I was being overly cautious!

But I am going to stick with following my head and not my heart this time. As a few of you said, Copper Canyon isn't going anywhere.

Thanks all!