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Rules on Prescription drugs in Dubai

I have read different things about bringing Rx drugs into Dubai. Some sites say I must have a prescription. Does that mean a newly written Rx, my medicine bottles or a letter from my doctor, or all three? If so, what should the letter state? I don't want myself or a family member thrown in jail but they need these medicines such as Prozac and Norco.

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As I understand it, when you're here in the US, the store that filled your prescription "owns" that paperwork. Another store cannot refill it without having the paperwork transferred from the original store.

But doctors are licensed to practice by country and a prescription written here is not valid in Europe. I don't know any specifics about Dubai, but I would expect the same rules to apply as on this recent thread for Britain. That is, you must visit a local doctor for a new prescription. Some doctor visits can be very cheap. That doctor would probably be fine with just seeing the label on your bottle, if it's legible, during the process of re-confirming your diagnosis.

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The doctor's letter should list all of the prescription drugs you are taking with you, what medical condition they are for, and what your daily dose is. It should be an original on letterhead paper and signed (not rubber stamped).

Take all prescriptions in the original packaging you received them in from the pharmacy. If the packages are too large for what you need to take (like those you might get from a mail order pharmacy that sends you a 3 month supply all in one package), ask your pharmacy for smaller bottles properly labeled with the prescription info and place what you need into those bottles.

I have never been to Dubai, but taking an actual prescription to a foreign country serves no purpose I have found. It is useless to try and get filled if you need more of your drug. It doesn't list what the drug is used for so a local doctor won't just rewrite it onto a form you can use in that country, and it is just another piece of paper that no one will ever want to look at anyway.

Good luck.