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I am from the USA, and I am presently on Hmoliday in London England for the next 10 days. I have forgotten my synthroid medication and will need the medication to be filled in the next two days. Is it possible to have my doctor call the UK pharmacy and email or fax the script? Have any ideas?

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I am pretty much kept alive by chemical means, or so it seems. A couple of times I have forgotten something or lost something and have gone to a clinic, seen a doctor, described the meds, gotten a prescription, and gotten it filled. I think you are going to be impressed with the cost.

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Go to a pharmacy and they will tell you what you need to do. Due to the time differential with the U.S., you may need to go later in the afternoon in case they need to contact your physician.

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US doctors cannot prescribe medications (they can't even prescribe medications in states they are not licensed in) and UK pharmacists cannot fill prescriptions written in other countries. You will need to see a doctor there. The walk in clinic suggested above is a good suggestion. I saw them in LOTS of places when I was in London. One I remember is in Victoria Station. Take any documentation you have with you- letter from your doctor, your prescription or the original bottle, if you have it. Take your doctor's phone number and your pharmacy's number with you. The doctor might want to call one or the other.

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This happened to me once in the UK...I miscalculated how much I would need of a medication I was taking and ran out! I asked at the B&B I was staying at if they knew a physician who could help me out. They recommended one in town, I went, and within a couple of hours my prescription was filled and I was on my way.

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This is a duplicate copy of the question. My answer is on the other copy.