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Future weather for Kaanapali and Kona?

I will be in Kaanapali on April 4-11 and kona from April 11-18. I have been to Hawaii over 20 times and know the weather is unpredictable and can change any second. I looked at the future cast for both Kaanapali and kona and it looks like it is going to rain our whole trip. I am really bummed. When it rains in Hawaii the sand churns in the ocean making the visibility really difficult. The main reason I go to Hawaii is to snorkel. Anyone know if the weather from now until our trip can or will change? Thanks!

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Our Webmaster has provided these FAQ's, one of which addresses weather questions: (basic answer is: we here don't know any more than you do--sorry

As someone who has been in your position, please accept my best wishes and sympathies. I realize all too well that your Hawaii snorkeling vacation is weather-dependent, and when the sand churns and makes the visibility bad, and your main reason to go is snorkeling, it's bad.

Now, a small ray of hope: I learned over the years that sometimes the underweather visibility is more affected by storm systems that are way off-shore, they seem to churn up the sand as much or more than than local weather systems--so there's always hope.

Some of the dive shops might have more info, you could call or email them.
Or just wait and see what happens.
If the visibility ends up being bad on Kona, you could go to Volcanoes Nat'l Park, where there are at least a few buildings to get out of the rain.
Or do a day trip to Molokai (nobody goes to Molokai!), schedule yourself for a bus tour of Molokai, they'll pick you up from the airport (I'm not talking about taking the mule ride down the trail in the rain).

Maybe the weather gods will have mercy on you. Keep sacrificing pineapple wine (or gin) to the weather gods and see what happens.

Aloha and best wishes,

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Yes, the weather forecast will change over the next 11 to 25 days.