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Just bought another pair of Tiosebon shoes (first mentioned by Lola)

Lola posted a thread about these shoes over a year ago. I bought some and over the past year have worn them so many times! They are VERY lightweight, comfortable, look good and are easy to slip on and off. I'm thinking of taking a pair with me to England as my backup pair.

My first pair was in light grey but for this trip I'm looking for something darker, so just ordered this pair on Amazon for $33 (deal price). There are lots of colors, though, and the highest price I see is $38. I cannot recommend these enough! One note: these shoes do run a bit big. I usually buy a size 10, but a 9 1/2 fits me perfectly.

Thank you again, Lola, for bringing them to my attention! I would have just added to your thread but it's sadly closed.

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This is funny—I am sitting here reading this while wearing my grey Tiosebon shoes right now! They still look and feel brand new—-but I only wear them indoors, in the car, or walking on pavement.

I have taken them on several domestic trips (visiting grandchildren) and it is really nice that they are so light and take up little room in my suitcase. No foreign trips yet, although I was sorely tempted to take them to Japan, as slip-ones are so practical there.

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They do look good for a lighter weight 2nd pair. But are they walk all day on cobblestones and stand in museums kind of travel shoes?

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I wear mine around all day long and they're fine, and that includes walking in them for several miles on a dirt road.

But quite frankly, I don't use my backup pair for all-day wearing when traveling. They're mostly for evening when I get back to the hotel and want to wear something a little nicer for dinner, but something I can walk in. They definitely would not be something to replace my Oboz low leather shoes, which is what I wear for walking a lot in cities and hiking in towns and so on. But if need be, I think they would be fine—maybe not on cobblestones all day long, but definitely standing in museums and walking around town.

Lola, mine got a little scroungy looking because of the dirt road, lol! But I threw them in the washer and then the dryer, and they look as good as new now!