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Vienna to Salzburg-easy to stop in Hallstatt?

We have some extra time and instead of having a third full day in Salzburg we now are thinking if it’s easy to stop in Hallstatt on the way. On ÖBB app, I cannot tell how to do this. RS book says to change trains at Attnang-Pucheim to do this but I do not see it on ÖBB app.

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I am not the Forum expert, but I believe the regional trains go to Halstatt, which is why you are having problems mapping out the route. Also, the Hallstatt train stops on the opposite site of the lake, and you access a beautiful ferry ride to the town. Someone here will know. Have a great trip.

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This is but one example of the limitations of apps—they are designed to show the simplest solution and not all options (not easily, anyway).

Using a comprehensive website like, you can see that you need to take a WB train from Vienna Westbahnhot to Attnang-Puchheim, and change there to a regional train to Hallstatt. Journey time 3 h 16 minutes.

To continue your journey yomSalzburg, you return tpmAttnang-Puchheim. Y regional retrain, and take an ÖBB Railjet the rest of the way to Salzburg. Journey time a bit over 2 hours.

The question is, what do you do with your luggage? Carry it along?

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I can't help you with apps. I never use them. I'm home most of the day with access to a real computer with a big screen and a real keyboard; I only use my cellphone for phone calls (duh).

So, using a real computer, go to (that's the English side. You don't need to know German.)

Put in from: Wien and to: Hallstatt and a date and time.

It should come up with the schedule for all the connections after your time that day.

Most, if not all, schedules will show an express train (RailJet or WestBahn) to Attnang-Puchheim and a local train from there via Bad Ischl to Hallstatt Hst, the train stop across the lake from Hallstatt.

According to this website, there are lockers at Attnang-Puchheim.

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The question what is the best way to visit Hallstatt has been discussed several times already.

If you store your luggage in Attnang-Puchheim then you are bound to that route in either direction. Maybe it is an option for you to go to Salzburg first, check-in in your hotel, and do the trip to Hallstatt later that day or the next day.

The alternative route from Salzburg is taking the bus #150 to Bad Ischl, giving the opportunity to visit this historically famous town, and continue to Hallstatt by train. For going back you can choose the other route via Attnang-Puchheim, so you have seen Lake Traun, too.

See these threads:

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It is no easier to stop on the way than it is to visit from Salzburg. In fact, I think it is cumbersome to stop on the way.

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It is no easier to stop on the way than it is to visit from Salzburg.

They're not talking about visiting from Salzburg, they are talking about originating in Vienna. I don't necessarily think it would be easier starting in Salzburg and visiting Hallstatt than going from Vienna to Salzburg with a stop in Hallstatt.

I think it is cumbersome to stop on the way.

?? Versus going to Salzburg, then coming back to Attnang-Puchheim, going down to Hallstatt, then coming back through A-P and going on to Salzburg. Just going from A-P to Salzburg and back adds two hours minimum to the trip, plus the time spent in Salzburg.

Please explain why you think it is so "cubersome" to stop on the way.

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Cumbersome - They would be dragging their luggage behind them and it could be a bad weather day.

It is my understanding that they are trying to decide if it is better to stop at Hallstatt on the way to Salzburg from Vienna or to visit Hallstatt as a day trip from Salzburg.

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marklar9, you've probably already considered this and decided against it, but why not just stay that one night in Hallstatt? It wouldn't disrupt the flow that much since you can get to Salzburg early the next morning. Its so much nicer to be in Hallstatt in the evening when the crowds have thinned out.

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I'm not sure why it is not showing up on your app. I just downloaded the app, put in Wien to Hallstatt for March 15, 2023 (I just picked a random day). I get a few different options, so I clicked on the one with the shortest time. When I click the details, it says I would leave at 04:55 from Wien, arrive at Attnang-Puchheim at 06:59 and have 17 minutes to switch trains. It would then leave A-P at 07:16 and arrive at Hallstatt at 08:47. Then you would just buy a ticket from Hallstatt to Salzburg for when you want to leave.

I did a similar thing a few years ago and it was an easy trip. In my case, this Hallstatt/Salzburg visit was a side trip from Vienna so I had left my big luggage at the apartment I had rented there and just took my carryon with enough clothes for the 4 days I would be away.

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They would be dragging their luggage behind them

Why? There are lockers in Attnang-Puchheim.

About ten years ago, when I went to Hallstatt, I went from Salzburg (spent the night in Freilassing), but I was coming from Munich, so I wasn't backtracking. I wanted to see the Basilica at Mondsee (SOM wedding church), so I took the bus from in front of the Salzburg HB to Bad Ischl through the Salzkammergut via Mondsee and Wolfgangsee. Then, because my lodging was in the Echerntal up the river from Lahn, I took the bus from Bad Ischl to the bus station in Lahn (that's the bus station for Hallstatt).

I thought the bus ride through the Salzkammergut was scenic.