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Laundry in Vienna

I seem to remember RS writing that there was a good laundry service in Vienna. Maybe near the Opera? Alas, I didn't bring my 2019 RS book, and the 2015 ebook that I checked out from the library doesn't have this info. Can anyone help me out?

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Laundry services are rather rare in Vienna (and in Austria in general) as virtually everybody has a washing machine at home.

There are more dry cleaning services than mere laundry services.

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Green and Clean are the only self-service laundromats I am aware of in Vienna. This concept is very unusual here.

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To clarify, what I was remembering was a place to drop off laundry that was near the Opera next to a hotel. Very possible that my memory is faulty!

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There are more laundry services than Green&Clean, but not so easily to find. The correct search terms are "Münzwäscherei" and "Waschsalon".

It is completely unlikely that you will find one near the Opera. The very city center, i.e. the 1st city borough, is the most expensive living area in Vienna. It is virtually inconceivable that somebody who can afford living there would not have a washing machine. And tourists may use their hotel's laundry services.

What you might be referring to is BIPA, a chain of perfumeries, where you can drop off and pick up your laundry.
Here you can find their locations:
Put a check mark to "Textilreinigung" and enter the ZIP code "1010" (PLZ) for the 1st city borough.

As far as I can see close to the Opera are "Walfischgasse 10" and "Kärntner Ring 9-13 (Ringstraßen Galerien shopping mall)".

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I know of 2 coin laundry places in Vienna which might be useful and not located in a hostel. Wombats Hostel in Vienna has laundry facilities

  1. "Speed Queen" Waschsalon, located at the corner of Nußdorfstraße and Vereinsstiege. It's opposite of the "Billa" building and Pulverturmgasse. True, it is far from where you want.

  2. "Schnell und Sauber Wasch Center, Westbahnstraße 60, 1070 Wien. The police station is across from it.

Both of these are far from the Opera area.

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I use a green and clean during my stays in Vienna , a very convenient location - U3 from Stephansplatz , direction - Simmering . Five stops to Schlacthausgasse . Turn left out of the station and walk slightly downhill to the waschsalon , about a block or so . About ten to fifteen minutes from Stephansplatz .

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We were lucky we could do a load at our Airbnb, as I looked into the laundry near us and was laughing that people would review a laundry...until I saw mentioned that a lot of the machines were broken and the dryers didn’t seem to put out any heat and the old lady who was there was selling what seemed to be the old clothing that people forgot. (Lets just say the vast majority of reviews were 1 star). We are staying a few blocks from the 2nd one Fred mentioned across from the police station and stuck our heads in the other night...and the place looked deserted and indeed many of the machines had out of order signs on them. So I’d probably avoid that one.