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Do laundromats exist in Austria?

I moved to Austria a few days ago and am living in the student dorms. Since the other students go home during the weekends, they do their laundry there - leaving me in a building with no washing machines. I tried to search the surrounding area for a laundromat, but couldn't find any at all. Do laundromats exist in Austria? Is it only a large town thing? And if there are no laundromats in the town I'm in (Saalfelden), any ideas on how to wash my clothes for the next year?

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I've spotted one in Salzburg near my hotel I'm planning on using, but I don't know about small towns

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I would ask someone at the school about your problem. Perhaps a custodian or another service employee at the school might take your laundry home to wash? I did that when renting a home in Greece that lacked a washer and dryer, and no laundries were nearby either. The housekeeper took our laundry home and washed it, hung it to dry, returned it in a day or so.

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It is hard to believe that a modern student dorm does not have a washing machine and a dryer.
Where exactly do you stay?

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Google Maps locates, which is primarily a dry cleaner, but also has this online review from two years ago:
"Not cheap. 4.5 euro for kg of washing and drying. Saying that, great supervisor with whom we were in touch over mail, who by himself speeded up delivery to the same day of our 14 kg instead of 1.5 days time. Really helped us on vacation!"

Or take your laundry 10 minutes on the train to Zell am See and visit Pheonix Cleaning & Laundry Josef Pentz.

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When I studied abroad, I washed my clothes in my bathtub. As you’ve discovered, laundromats are a very rare thing in Austria and those that exist are typically not self service. I’d ask at the school as wmt1 suggests.

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Yes, Laundromats do exist in Austria as I've used one in Vienna. However I don't know how prevalent they are. As others have mentioned, ask other students or the administrators at the school. If they cater to foreign students, I'm sure they've arranged some type of laundry service.

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If you were staying in Vienna, I could provide the location of one, maybe two of them.

The hostel in Vienna , where I've stayed a number of times, Wombats has laundromats, one of the advantages staying in a hostel.

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Thanks everyone for the tips and suggestions! I am looking into some of the links provided - looks like my main problem is living in a smaller town that is a fair distance from Salzburg or Vienna. While I had Googled laundromats, it seemed that most of them were just dry-cleaning or for industrial uses only.
The reason that the dorm doesn't have machines is that it is for high school students and as far as I know I'm the only foreign person living here and the other students can do their laundry at home on the weekends.

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If you are friendly with any of the other students, maybe you could ask if you could do your laundry at their home and offer to pay their parents (or buy them detergent and dryer sheets - if they have a dryer)?

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The main point is that you are too far away from Vienna anyway to get to a laundromat.

Unless you saw the words "chemische Reinigung" (dry cleaning), you can assume it's a coin operated place.

The Wombat hostel facility has a coin operated laundromat. There are 3 Wombat hostels in Vienna, one of which is opposite from the Westbahnhof on Mariahilferstrasse.

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The reason that the dorm doesn't have machines is that it is for high school students

I see, you are staying in a "Schülerheim", not in a "Studentenheim". This is something different in Austria.

The only advice I can give you is to ask locals, whether they know a place where you can do your laundry. It is a touristic area, so maybe in a place which rents out apartments for tourists you may be allowed to pay for using their washing machine and dryer.

Talk to the management of the Schülerheim, I am sure they will try to help you.

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Ugh, bringing back bad memories of this exact situation, 1976; Californian in a small Eu town with no laundry facilities, what to do? At the school, there were signs up for people to do your laundry, so I took my entire dirty wardrobe over there, not knowing enough to give the following specifications, and ask the right questions:

  1. Please use just warm water for all my laundry. Don't use "boiling water" please.
  2. Please make sure that the laundry detergent rinses out, because if it doesn't dissolve, it will cause a hellish itch.
  3. Do you have a dryer, or will these be hung to dry? (Towels can take 2 or 3 days to dry when it's cold or humid, so can Jeans)
  4. How many days until I can return and get my laundry?
  5. How much will it cost?
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You have probably figured out what your best options are by now, washing clothes in the shower might be a good one. And if everyone goes away for the weekend, plenty of room to hang things to dry, maybe?

I recall seeing laundromats in Innsbruck - university located there. If you follow the embedded link to a google maps result, you will see some keywords to further search on.

Maybe if you get in the swing of washing in the bath for most things, you can save up jeans and more robust items for an infrequent trip to a laundromat at a distance. Look online for inflatable hangars that help air circulation for trying. I was in college in Munich and our dorm had a washer, but no drier. There was a spinner, though. I really don't recall much other than the spinner sometimes eating and shredding items. Good Luck.