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If you are in Wales in the next couple of weeks.....

....needs to be aware of this little event


This is major, a bit of a once in a life time event and the country is excited!.
If you are lucky enough to be in the country, or France, when the match is on get yourself to a pub or a fan zone and enjoy it.

The players and fans have shown the English how it should be done ( I'm saying this as someone who is proudly half Welsh half English).

As a bonus the singing will be something else

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Great game yesterday; great goals. Really enjoyed it.

My Portuguese husband says I had better support Portugal though. And my step-mother-in-law issued some threats too!

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Andrea I work very near the "little Portugal" area of London and apparently the Portuguese celebrations were quite something.

I have just realised that I am out for dinner when Wales play on Wednesday. Think I am going to be a bit distracted and there had better be a phone signal!

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Game time is 3pm for us. I am applying to draw two hours of time they owe me. DH's work situation is slow - they want him to take a day off every week anyway. We'll watch at our "local" which is near my work but about 70 km from home. This is the Scouse bar where we watch Liverpool all year.

My father in law was working and missed the game; on his way home he drove past the Portuguese cultural centre and saw the celebrations. (They live the other way from us - 2.25 hours - Kingston area).