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Taped in July and August 2020??

I just watched your Austria/Italy Alps episode. The credits at the end said "Taped in July/August 2020" Is this true? I didn't see any social distancing, a single face mask, or hear any mention of Covid 19. There were clearly crowds of tourists and intimate dinners. Was this really filmed in 2020?

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This question has come up a few times this season, because of the way the credits roll.

It was answered by a staffer some months ago.

Look again. On the first line it says "Taped in July/August"

That's so that people trying to understand what they are looking at can place the season as July and August.

The second line has the copyright symbol © 2020, which is when it was copyrighted after all the post production and editing work.

It was filmed in 2019 and released in 2020.

It is a little confusing, but the two lines of credits are separate from each other.

They said they were sorry for the confusion.

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I wonder if, 5 years from now, people viewing the repeat episodes will make the connection between 2020 and the Pandemic that affected travel, and everything else? Maybe that will be impossible to forget.