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Only 4 episodes on Germany?

No Hamburg? Dresden? Weimar? Hannover?

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I love everything Rick has written and produced. But I think you are right. He needs to explore and find the gems in more of Germany. Das Alte Land (The Old Country) in northern Germany, north west of Hamburg is a good example. Its half-timbered old farm houses with special brick patterns, the frequent stork nests thereupon, and the spring cherry harvest and small villages make it quite charming. The old farmer's gates and the Van Gogh bridge across the irrigation canal are worth the side trip. Talk about "Through the Back Door..." In addition the city of Stade recently celebrated it's 1000 year birthday, and it has been lovingly restored to its middle-age glory. 50 years ago I was placed as a teenager with a wonderful German family in this very region. Fast forward to now, and I am returning this spring. We now text-message. Back then it was tape recordings which took at least a 6 week turn around to hear back, because calling was too expensive. RICK, PLEASE CHECK OUT OTHER GERMAN GEMS AND BACK DOOR PLACES! Thank you.

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Rick's travel schedule, posted elsewhere on this site, shows 11 days research in Germany this summer as well as filming in Berlin.

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Absolutely Dresden is worthy of a week of visiting time. Weimar at least 3-4 days if you want to see all those cultural
museums. Hamburg also 5 days. Hannover ...forget it, unless it's the Herrenhäuser Gardens.