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Name of music playing during Rick's visit to Mad King Ludwig's castle

Does anyone have an idea of the name of the music that is playing in the background of the episode when Rick visits Neuschwanstein Castle? I believe it is a Wagner tune but I am not certain. Can't get the song out of my head! Help!

Posted by Abe
Rick Steves' Europe
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Unfortunately we aren't sure either. For newer shows (those released from 2006 up to the present), we obtain our music from the APM Music Library. We license the music for use on the show (and for the DVD's and other digital media), but we do not own it and cannot sell it or give specifics about artists and tracks. If you have an iPhone, you might try the app: Shazam. Sorry we couldn't help more.

Posted by Lee
Lakewood, Colorado
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I would strongly suspect it's Wagner (haven't heard it myself). Anyone familiar with Lugwig knows he was a fan of Wagner. Neuschwanstein is built on a Wagner (Lohengrin) theme.

Posted by saddler3 OP
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Thanks for the help. I thought it was a Wagner tune also as the melody sounds just like something he would compose and I am aware of Ludwig's connection with Wagner. However I am still unable to find it even after listening to much of his music (in my spare time only!)...Of course it could be one of his minor works and perhaps difficult to find. I will keep searching! Onward!!!

Posted by Linda
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If you are referring to the 2003 episode that is available to watch on this site, the credits for that video show: Music - Jerry Frank. I googled Jerry Frank and came up with a composer/pianist in the Seattle area. Might be worth a try...

Posted by Lamont
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The television episode linked below is from the Rick Steves YouTube channel:

Neuschwanstein Castle is discussed about halfway through, at timecode 2:00. The background music at that point is taken from a Johannes Brahms piano work, entitled 'Waltz in A-flat, Op. 39, no. 15' .

If this was the episode you watched, and if this was the music you heard, then you might enjoy listening to the entire two-minute waltz at the following YouTube link:

Brahms was a German composer, he wrote the Waltz in 1865, at roughly the same time that castle construction was begun.

Posted by saddler3 OP
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I am so happy right now. Since we last watched the episode in preparation for visiting Germany this summer that melody haunted me. What a relief to alleviate the wondering about that song. I had really given up hope. Three Cheers to this site and to Lamont! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!