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Looking for an old Italian episode ... [Found a version]

I recall it from a Pledge Break on PBS; it had either the Cinque Terre or the Amalfi Coast as a central theme and especially included a trip to the marble quarries where he and a guide worked the old hand saw.

I've been looking over this web site of his but most of the offerings are more recent, I think.

Anyone have a clue to help me track down a specific episode?


PS- With the help of some helpful people, ('tank you guys) I found a version online, see below...

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It may have been his old Cinque Terre episode (I vaguely recall he included a visit to the Carrara quarry). That would have been from 2004; he stated on his blog several times about how he did a bunch of great Italy episodes that year, just before he got new less clunky glasses and switched to high definition video. He was therefore eager to redo these episodes, and I see that the Cinque Terre episode now on the website is from 2014.

You may have to buy an old DVD or get it out of the library. For instance, here's one with the older Cinque Terre episode:

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Thx MotorGirl; you provided the links I can use to do a better search & also to Harold who pretty much confirmed my suspicions...

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FYI: It looks like it (was) is Episode 205 from the Second Season; now replaced by a Higher Def, Better (Less Clunky) Glasses and a Wide Screen Format:

Still, I'm going to keep looking for it... And Look what I found on the Nation's Smithsonian website:

It's funny to contrast it against the remake: