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Why both N95 and surgical masks?

We leave on the Best of Turkey trip in a few weeks. Can someone who's been recently tell me why we need both N95 and surgical masks for the trip?

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I don't think you "need" to bring surgical masks, but they might be okay in some situations. I plan to just bring 95s for my tour.

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Second the idea that you only need N95s, which provide maximum protection.

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For all day use in an open or retail area I’ve been using Beesure Vibe level 3 masks. Recommended by my orthodontist’s staff for comfort, anti-fog, adjustable nose and chin. For an enclosed area, I’d still use KN95 or N95.

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I am just back from the Best of Turkey March 28 to April 9, I only brought a couple of N95s (of questionable authenticity) but it doesn't really matter, no one checks what masks we have, and the Tour Guide always has extras on hand. (The Airlines also give out extra masks.)