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Where to lodge in Turkey Istanbul?

I have watched several videos with recommendations on which part of the city to lodge.

Taksim seems to be favored or Karakoy or Besiktas?
Taskisla? Posh area?
Asia side Kadikoy?
Avoid Blue Mosque

Does anyone have any feedback as to which they prefer? Thanks

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I stayed at the Hilton, close to Taksim Square, once. Very nice hotel with great service and security, but a little too isolated and too western for my taste. It was a pain to get anywhere easily without a taxi.

On three other visits I stayed at Hotel Niles in the Beyazit district, just a few blocks from the Grand Bazaar. It was close to the streetcar and hence accessible to just about everything. Also, it was close enough to Sultanahmet so that you could walk, but far enough away to feel a bit more local. We got accustomed to the cheaper food prices in Beyazit and were pretty shocked at the prices both times we tried to eat in Sultanahmet.

I have stayed at Hotel Niles three times, and so obviously I like it. If I were to venture somewhere else, I would probably look at something in Karakoy.

Although the Asian side would probably be the most local experience, I would get tired of taking a ferry back and forth all the time.

I would definitely look for something close to the T1 streetcar line.

There are so many wonderful boutique hotels in Istanbul. It's hard to go wrong.

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Thank you I think I will look for some places near Karakoy since I’ve heard it mentioned several times and you have just confirmed it as well. I thank you!!!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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I stayed at the Roommate Emir. Loved the hotel and loved the location.

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I noticed the Op changed their posting name from “Yuonhee” to “Nova”
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