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What is recommended TIP for private Turkishh Guides?

What is a recommended TIP PER DAY for a PRIVATE GUIDE for visits to various tourist sites in a 5-day stay in Istanbul?
Is there a similar recommended TIP for 7-day PRIVATE TOUR of Western Turkey with a private car and a guide? Are there generally acceptable "rules-of-thumb" in Turkey for tipping guides/drivers for planning purpose? Thank You.

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For private tours, we always tip 18-20% but that's just us. I am not sure what others tip but keep in mind you are getting very personal attention and that guides and drivers in Turkey are not well paid. We like to be generous.

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Rick's Turkey guidebook (co-written by our Turkish guides) recommends tipping 10% at restaurants with table service and travelers here think that the same is adequate for local guides, if service has been good. If the guide works for himself, is not an employee, and sets his own prices, then a tip shouldn't really be expected.