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Weather in May in Turkey

Hi all,

I’m thinking of May 8-20 for best of Turkey hoping for temps in the 60s and low 70s and not humid.

Anyone do this year’s trip and would offer suggestions of April/May weather. I thought it is best to skip Ramadan.


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I was on the Istanbul and Turkey tours that began May 22 and May 28. The weather in Istanbul was comfortable for short sleeves during the day and long sleeves in the mornings and evenings. By the time we left Istanbul, around May 30, temperatures climbed inland and were always comfortable at the coast right up until we left on June 6.

Our guide told us that her earlier Best of Turkey tour was "freezing" and windy and she was cold through most of it. She said that was 3 weeks earlier, so perhaps late April into early May.

It sounded as though the shift in weather was abrupt.

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You might also keep in mind that the weather will vary, inland from coast. Even when it had been hot in Ankara, Aphrodisias and again at Ephesus, it was seaside comfortable in Antalya and Kuşadası.