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Weather difference between September and October

I like the temperatures to be high 60 and low 70 for travel. Yet warm enough for out door seating. Should I choose September or October for Istanbul?

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If you Google weather and temperature averages for Istanbul, and the month, then you'll find pages of websites with historical weather averages.

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If you look at Rick’s tour to Istanbul, at the bottom it has the average temps and rainfall for each month.

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One thing to be aware of is that some of the average temperatures floating around the internet, including those in Wikipedia's city entries, are based on a time period that ends in 2010. I think we are all aware that weather in many places has been wackier recently. and averages are just that--they definitely hide all kinds of day-to-day and hour-to-hour fluctuations.

I believe you'll find very, very few places and times where you can be sure the temperature will remain between 60F and 70F over the course of a month.

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We were in Istanbul in September and October. We left on 10/12 and it cooled off that very day after a front came in. Up to that time, it was very hot every day.