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Vote - Towns/Villages

Could anyone tell me which of the following towns/villages are the most appealing visually, in terms of traditional homes and buildings, greenery/gardens or ocean, nice lanes and walkways, cobblestone etc.?

  • Alacati
  • Selcuk
  • Ayvalik
  • Cunda Island

These all look very nice but I can only settle into one of these towns (and then perhaps pay one or two of the others a short visit). A picture postcard town for Turkey would be super.

Are there any nice villages/towns to visit that are not listed here but which are highly recommended?

Also something quiet at night would be great - I'm trying to avoid large centres/cities.


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I LOVED Ayvalik and Cunda Island! The homes in Ayvalik (old section with lots of interesting passages and alleys) are a bit "weathered" but extremely photogenic. Cunda Island had terrific seafood. Both places felt very local and human-scale. Ayvalik had a really outstanding overlook where you can see water and islands from above (I wish I could remember where but you can easily find on google images).

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My memories of Selcuk don't fit your description, but the reason to stay there is to be close to Ephesus. Same for Pammukale and its nearby sightseeing.

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Thanks for the message - I'm not sure if I have time for Sunday Island but I'll make a point of going to Akvalik given your good review!

Also Laura - which village do you think is prettier - Alacati, Selcuk or Sirince? I could stay at any one of these three to see Ephesus - Alacati is far away but it is only an hour's drive.


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Instead of Selcuk look into Sirince. Its the picture postcard village you're looking for and is near Selcuk and Ephesus which will allow you to see the sites in those areas.

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If you go to Ayvalik and are interested in archeological sites, you might want to visit nearby Pergamon (also spelled Pergamum).

This ancient city has a dramatic location top of a hill, with spectacular views of the surrounding valley. There are a couple of partially-reconstructed temples, and a theater with 10,000 incredibly steep seats carved into the hillside. The Great Altar of Pergamon is unfortunately in Berlin but there are other ruins still on the site.

Nearby is the Sanctuary of Asclepius, an early medical center, which is also really interesting. Go with a guide, or read up before you go, to get the most out of it.