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It depends. We got a visa in 2016 for a Steves tour to St. Petersburg.The Russian visa was a demanding document that took a while and cost a lot. Others maybe not so. It would be a good idea to look into it well in advance. Hank.Novato, CA

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Hi Marcmayo:

I visited Turkey in September, 2014. I did not have a visa when I entered the country by plane. At the airport I was directed to a line which ended at a window where I purchased a visa on the spot for about $40? (US currency was accepted but not all were acceptable, and I believe credit card was not an option). I got a nice looking visa which was about the size of two or three US postage stamps which was glued into my passport.

This might have changed during the past three years so verify if this is still an option.

I just added this link after writing the above information:


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For years it cost US Citizens $20 US cash at the port of entry and that's still the price for the online application, which is the method that Turkey strongly prefers you to use.