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Any vaccinations recommended for travel to Turkey?

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See the website for recommendations. I was somewhat surprised that the typhoid vaccine is listed for most travelers.

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I agree, the cdc website is a great resource. The typhoid vaccine is recommended in a lot of places that are not fully industrialized so it really depends on your destination and the precautions you plan to take. I've been to Brazil, Colombia and Turkey (Istanbul) without getting a shot due to my low risk travel plans.

A travel medicine doctor is a great resource for pre-trip vaccinations. For example, the UW and the Polyclinic in Seattle have departments devoted to travel medicine.

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It depends, if you are going to the touristy areas such as Istanbul/Ephesus/Izmir than no vaccinations are necessary.

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This is the one time we follow the government advice. We get what the CDC recommendations. This is one of the few times that we would rather be safe than sorry. Anything that is recommended we can obtain from our local state health agency.

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I totally agree with Frank. If it shows up on the CDC website, we get the vaccination etc. For the Typhoid vaccination our travel Doctor prescribed the oral version. Apparently it is effective for an additional year over the injection.