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Turkish Visa question

I got burned last year by booking a trip to Turkey, and then not being able to get a Visa because of diplomatic relations. I have a new trip booked for later this year and want to get the eVisa as early as possible so this doesn't happen again. The eVisa is good for 6 months. Does it matter if the Visa expires while I'm still in Turkey? Or do I need to wait to get the eVisa until 6 months before I plan to LEAVE Turkey to come back home?

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But the evisa is good for 180 days. And the website it will let me buy it whenever (even more than 90 days out). Is there a reason not to buy it as early as possible? Who cares if the Visa is almost expired as long as it's still valid when I need to enter.

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I am traveling in last week of December for a week to Istanbul. Can I apply as early as July 28 - 2018 but not travel until December similar to the question already posted her - any idea?

This is the message I see on evisa website" Your e- visa is valid from 28 July 2018 to 23 January 2019 for a total period of 180 days. Your stay cannot exceed 90 days.