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Turkish resident permit visa free countries

I would like to have the list of countries someone can travel without visa, holder of turkish student resident permit.

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I don't that is the correct question or is there a single answer. Visa requirements for visitors are solely determine by each country. The requirements tend to be reciprocal between countries. If country A requires D,E, and F of country B's citizens. Then most likely country B will require the same from country A's citizens. And sometimes there are blanket visas given. For example -- countries who are signers of the Schengen zone agreement give an automatic 90 day visa to US citizens and the same for Schengen zone residents when visiting the US. But when a US citizens visits Turkey, a $20 visa is purchased on arrival in Turkey and I assume the same is true for Turkish residents when they visit the US. So you really need to contact each country to see what is required for someone in your position. I would think that there should an office in Turkey that can give you that information. Anything here would be very unreliable.

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I don't quite understand the question. Are you a Turkish student with a resident permit to study in another country? In which case what country are you studying in? Or are you a student with a permit to study in Turkey? In which case, what country's passport do you carry? This may affect the countries that you can visit without a visa. And even then it will depend on how long your visit will be.

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"holder of turkish student resident permit." - are you saying you are living in Turkey, but are not actually Turkish?

Whether you require a visa or not is determined by your nationality, where you live does not change the situation.

If you are a Turkish citizen, this article lists the countries you do and do not need a visa for: