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turkish pronounciation

I am trying to learn a few basic phrases before I go to Turkey in October. Is there any web site I can find where I can hear the word as opposed to using the pronounciation guide in the guide books? Robin

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We used Turkish 101 on Youtube by the Travelling Linguist. They have several topics and 3 levels of learning so you can increase your proficiency. The videos are free and easy to follow. We were able to memorize several words and phrases and apparently we said them fairly well as some people thought we actually spoke Turkish, even though the phrase was "Do you speak English, I don't speak Turkish". You can check this link to see if the videos will be useful for you.

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I found Pimsleur very helpful. You can get a free lesson from their website:

Turkish really is phonetic, and I found that if I followed the pronunciation rules, taxi drivers could understand my pronunciation of place names. The rules aren't that hard, and there aren't too many differences from English (certainly compared to Polish, which is also phonetic, but has so many differences from English I couldn't keep them straight).

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Thanks everyone. I hope with your help I can at least manage please and thank you.

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Somebody correct me if I'm wrong and since I gave my RS Istanbul guidebook away I can't check myself. Aren't there a page or two of phrases in book along with the phonetic translations? Just a thought.

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There are lots of ways to thank in Turkish:

1)Teşekkürler: Thanks

2)Teşekkür ederim: Thank you

3)Sağol: Thank you (impolite)

-Sağolasın (another one)

-Sağolun (polite)

-Sağolunuz (plural form-polite)

4)Mersi (it's like merci in French which is simple way for foreigners to say)

Please is simple: Lütfen

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Claudia - you're right but even with the phonetic translations it helps to hear the pronunciation. We also had a Berlitz Turkish phrase book and found that Travelling Linguest was more help. Travelling Linguist has the English word/phrase, the Turkish, the phonetic, and the audio so it was a great help and supplement to RS.