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Turkish Airlines website weirdness

I am trying to book a flight from Izmir to Istanbul after the RS tour. The Turkish Airlines websites has a chart of departure times by hour, but when I choose the one I want to book, the itinerary information window on the right side of the screen shows a different time than the flight I have selected. I haven't wanted to click through to purchase in case the flight time is the wrong one since I want to book the nonrefundable option. Has anyone had experience with the Turkish Airlines website? Thanks

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Very strange. I am seeing the same thing.

Just a rough guess, but it appears the time on the left is the Turkish actual time and the time on the right is your local equivalent time. But not sure why it would display like that. I don't see this when trying to book from the US to IST on the web site.

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Yes, extremely strange. But when I get a couple of steps into the shopping cart, it does display the time I wanted from the chart on the left.