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Turkish Airlines Extends Expiration Date For Flight Credit

I have a credit with TA which was for travel last month to Istanbul and Budapest.
Due to covid-19 the flights were canceled and my ticket was made an open ticket or credit (they called it an open ticket-no cash refund) which I have to use by February 2021 (last flight has to be the last day of Feb).

On checking their website today, I see they have now extended the expiration to December 2021.
This is good news for those of us with credit on TA who do not want to travel (if possible) anywhere this year.
If I read the terms correctly, there is no change fee and no fare difference to be charged when rebooking unless you change the class of service.

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Hi Nadine,

We got a full refund on Turkish Airlines. We called to make the request. It took a couple of weeks but it's just been credited to our credit card account.

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Hello Sharon,
Thanks for letting me know about your refund. I have called them several time but they steadfastly refused to give me a refund for my tickets.
We bought them last May so maybe that has something to do with it?
Anyway, I will try them again this weekend. In any case, I don't mind a credit. I plan to do the same trip I had planned for this year so I see it as a down-payment :-)

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Hi Michelle,
You know exactly what I am thinking - Spring next year for Istanbul's tulip festival.
Hopefully things are back to normal by then. I don't know how I will manage if I can't travel for another year.