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Turkish Airlines complimentary overnight option

The Turkish Airlines representative substantiated that, as customers with a long layover, my husband and I can report to the "hotel desk" where overnight accommodations will be provided IF there is availability in any of the hotels affiliated with TA. Otherwise, the hotel desk attendants will help us find other accommodations. Please share any experiences with this situation, especially if there weren't any more complimentary rooms available.

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I didn't know that was an option when I had my layovers, but the alternative Plan B is you will have to get a 20 EUR Visa to leave the airport and then will have to pay for lodging. The good news is that, at least in my case, even with my hotel room (which I pre-booked earlier), I still managed to save money because the base fare was so low compared to other carriers. As for hotels, there is a great selection at every price point so I was happy to pay for my hotel 3 tram stops from the airport (I loved the hotel and would stay there again if I had to be close to the airport).

So I would advise that you consider if you would still be happy purchasing the flight in the worst case scenario - that is, having to sprint for a room yourself if Turkish Airlines doesn't come through. Is there any way they would tell you the rough share of requestors they can accommodate so that you can make a good decision, or give you some info that you can hedge your bets on? I doubt you'll find many (if any) on this Forum that were able to take advantage of this since most people don't know about it (or have written with a similar inquiry to yours). Best of luck!