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Turkish air / Pegasus airlines

An anyone shed some light on the cabin baggage restrictions for these airlines please?
If you have flown with either recently, are you able to carry a carry on suitcase and a small handbag? Or is the limit on one piece inclusive of a handbag?
The explanations on their websites is a little confusing, and as we are just travelling with carry on, it’s important I book the correct luggage requirements.
Would prefer to fly Turkish airlines, but the Pegasus air flight times will be better for our connection train once we arrive in Lyon.
Any feedback in either of these airlines …. The reviews of Pegasus look to be pretty poor, but I guess there are people who fly them that are happy right?

Thanks so much

You can bring a small suitcase and a handbag, shouldn't be a problem. Pegasus air flight is fine. For me, the only important thing is that I land!

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Pegasus Airline is the low-cost flagship that is a subsidiary of Turkish Airlines. The allowed carry-on item must weigh no more than a 15 kg ( 33 pounds, which is quite generous compared to the usual 10 kg limit)
or 20 kg (44 pounds) on international flights, and the dimensions must be no greater than 55 cm x 40 x 20 cm. Note that the height of the bag—including the wheels—is not supposed to be more than 21.65 inches. Most American carry-on roller cases are 22” and will exceed this limit if they measure the bag. In my experience, however, both airlines are only interested in the WEIGHT of the wheeled carry-on luggage.
Those are the rules . However, I found when traveling last June that Pegasus did not prevent us from boarding with an additional personal item. All three of us boarded with black shoulder bags. I also had a plastic shopping bag. The key was to simply present only the wheeled carry-on suitcase at the check-in desk when asked to present your luggage. They only were interested in weighing it. If you shift any excess weight to a shoulder bag or similar, there should be no problem.
Pegasus has some real bargain airfares when bought months in advance. has fares and flight schedules.