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Turkey Transportation Plan

we are asking the question how can I get around in turkey and not miss these sites.

  • Bodrum Arrival from Kos ferry June 6th
  • Bodrum Airport taxi then car rental
  • Ephesus
  • Troy (most skippable)
  • Istanbul
  • Mt. Nemrut/Göbeklitepe/Harran
  • Cappadocia
  • Travertines of Pamukkale
  • Bodrum Airport to Paris (maybe I can fly out of elsewhere, ticket was only 98 euros, need to be there June 17th about 10am)

I'll have 10 or 11 days. Questions:
- How many days should I stay in istanbul?
- After planning this out, it looks like there are almost 4 full days of driving! Which doesn't look so fun... are there better options? Maybe I can find a cheap ticket from istanbul to paris and fly to Cappadocia, rent a car and do a day trip to Mt nemrut area? But then it looks tough to get from bodrum to istanbul. The country is so huge!
- what else am I missing in turkey that I should see?
- what am I not considering?

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Sorry.. I just missed that . You are flyging from Bodrum to Paris .. So , You can find flights from Kayseri to Bodrum ..

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Lots of good input dudes... yeah, my original plan to rent a car in bodrum and circle turkey seeing all these sites doesnt seem to hold water... half the trip would be driving and not so interesting places... so, i think I will play this by year a bit, like ive been doing all across europe for 5 weeks now without any real problems.

Biggest take away: flights are pretty cheap in turkey and EU in general... I have a ticket athens to paris on the 15th only cause the return ticket was 20 euros more while the trip there was 230 euros. I bought a ticket from bodrum to paris on the 17th as an escape plan, lol, for 98 euros... maybe I didnt need to do that. I see bodrum to istanbul is pretty cheap and cappadocia to istanbul or bodrum is reasonable and vice versa... I hope the prices dont get insainely expensive the closer we get to flying. bodrum to istanbul is 104 euros usually it seems on expedia, and 124 euros for tomorrow flight... so that's not bad... you do that kinda thing in the us à 100 dollar ticket could end up as 800.

So here we are, définitive plan parts:
- santorini to kos to bodrum (6-6 1AM to 9AM) by ferry.
- rent car in bodrum or BJV, whichever is cheaper, on arrival... uber is only 15 euros (or somethings, lol) to BJV from bodrum. I guess 3 days with the car.
- drive to the travertine pools place of which the name I keep forgetting, stopping at the few sites the dude above mentions cause they look interesting and wont yet be ruined by the grandeur of Ephesus.
- drive to Ephesus and put an emphasis on Ephesus... sorry couldnt resist, im a dork.
- plan the next leg, most likely back to bodrum to drop car unless they let me do it somewhere else last minute and that is more convient to fly to turkey... or türkeahys if thats the new spelling... no idea how to pronounce it.

Tentative Plan parts:
- buy last minute one way ticket and fly to istanbul 3 or 4 days from bodrum or ephesus area. No car, ubers.
- buy last minute one way ticket and fly to Cappadocia for 3 or 4 days, rent a car, maybe try for a trip to nemrut via air or car.
- buy last minute one way ticket and fly to paris some how by the 17th, maybe through bodrum since i already got a ticket to paris from there or istanbul depending on cost.

Thoughts, fears, tips?