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Turkey tour walking issues?

We're taking the Turkey tour soon. My issue is with an arthritic hip. I'm medically prepared for the trip (cortisone shot, meloxicam) and can navigate regular stairs and typical walking surfaces with no real problems, even over long distances. But I have short legs and descending TALL stairs (over 10"-12") and very uneven surfaces, like very rocky step-like hiking trails are difficult. Should I bring a walking pole? I'm OK with just a couple steps or a very short distance to traverse, but if I have to keep "reaching" for the next step repeatedly while descending, that's a problem. Is there much of this type of walking? If not, I won't bring it as it's a bit awkward to pack.
FYI, I've been on 5 RS tours, including 21-day BOE and most recently Sicily and the Basque Country tours so I'm familiar with pace and distances. At our guide's suggestion, I bought a walking pole for use on the Camino de Santiago walk in the Basque tour. The first mile or so was a fairly steep boulder strewn downhill in the rain where the pole was invaluable. After hitting the flats, the pole wasn't needed.

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You might try posting this under Rick Steves' Tours to get specifics about this particular tour. I took a walking stick on my Ireland tour last summer and found it really helpful when hiking up to Dun Aenghus, the Burren or other places with rough trails or lots of stairs. I have one knee replacement and another that is heading for a replacement.

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I would bring the walking pole. I took this tour in October, 2018 and there was one day of lots of walking up- and downstairs in Istanbul. We had a lady on our tour who was quite short and struggled with the stairs. Our group had many kind people and we watched out for her and tried to stay with her so she wouldn't get left behind.
There were days in Cappadocia where we did some hiking (sort of) to the churches in the caves so I think the walking pole would be helpful to you there as the terrain is uneven and rocky.

I remember one day in Antalya when a group of us were walking to take a boat cruise, an optional activity our guide arranged for us, and we encountered stairs the Romans built that were unbelievably steep! I'm a tall lady and blessed with good joints (so far) and I had to really concentrate going down. Going up was a challenge but seemed easier than going down.

It sounds like you did well on the Basque tour with a walking pole and I would bring it with you on this trip. You can have a conversation with your guide about which days it would be most useful.

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Thank you Judy - I am a short woman and I will bring walking poles due to your recommendation.