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Turkey, May 31 to June 6, 2019

I am planning a trip to Turkey. The tentative itinerary is as under.

Arrive Istanbul: May 31, 2019 by 3.00 PM
June 1 & June 2: Istanbul sight seeing
June 3: Arrive evening at Cappadocia
June 4: Hot Air Balloon and other sights in Cappadocia
June 5: Arrive Istanbul from Cappadocia by noon
June 6: Depart Istanbul at 3.00 PM

I did read about other sights like Pamukkale and Kekova but am not sure how to pack in these to the itinerary.

Would welcome suggestions.

Thank you.


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Forget other sights like Pamukkale and Kekova. You already don't have enough time for Istanbul.-- don't miss the Blue Mosque area at night.

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Our 6 day trip to Istanbul included a boat trip to the Black Sea, a full day visit to the Asian side of the Bosphorous, and a tour that took us walking through the old town sampling foods alongside locals. BTW, the everyday people of Istanbul were the most helpful and the most courteous people we've encountered in out worldwide travels. We also took in a Whirling Dervish performance, Topkapi palace, the Museum of Archeology, and visited the spice market and the huge grand bazaar. I'd strongly advise you to stay in Istanbul your entire time. Good luck.

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I took the hot air balloon ride while on the RS tour. The balloons go up before sunrise, so you won't get much sleep the night before. We were picked up at our hotel, had over half an hour for breakfast on sight, then drove to the launching sight. I don't remember what time we had to leave the hotel, but it was around Nov 1, so sunrise was relatively late Consider how much energy you'll have for the "other sights." Or maybe in June the balloons go up later. . .. .

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While it should not be an issue in most tourist areas, you should be aware that the first few days of your visit will be the last days of the Ramadan ("Ramazan" in Turkey) fast, and June 3-6 are the Eid ("Bayrum") national holidays.

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I have been to Egypt during Ramadan and was totally unaware that it was, until I saw a man opening up his lunch box after sundown, to break his fast. When he saw us he offered to share his meal with us!

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Ramadan - you won't notice it. OTOH Eid is huge in most places. Check carefully what is open on those days. I'd go to the Turkey forum on to get more info from locals.

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Forget adding destinations to your travel plans, you should add 2-3 days just to do the places you already have booked. You could easily spend a full week and never leave Istanbul. (But Cappadocia is WONDERFUL)

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Since you will be in Istanbul for only a couple of days, I suggest hiring a tour guide.

I have hired Metin Koca
Cell phone: +90 (533) 322 00 85. (message him on WhatsApp)

He speaks excellent English, is very knowledgeable in Turkey’s history, and he is funny!

Check the Istiklal Caddesi

Istiklal Caddesi was once known as the Grand Rue de Pera before being renamed Istiklal, a term which means independence. This Beyoglu’s boulevard is a fine depiction of 21st century Turkey, being an exciting blend of modernity and ancient. Strolling this Istanbul's heartbeat is among the top things to do in the city.

Taste Turkish Food at Balikci Sabahattin

This joint is an enduring favorite with the locals and visitors. Belikci Sabahattin serves a limited menu of seafood comprising red mullet and sole fishes as well as meze. Belikci Sabahattin is Sultanahmet's most respected restaurants.

Try Ready-made Traditional Dishes at Hayvore

This is one of few traditional eateries that serve ready-made food in Istanbul. The rest are either far or don’t serve ready-made dishes.

Eat dinner with Locals

How cool is it to spend time with local Turks over a fine traditional dinner? Very cool! You can book dining experiences where you visit a local home and enjoy traditional meals and learn about their traditions and culture.

Sip Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is known all over the world and you have probably tasted in somewhere else. But nothing beats having it in its country of origin. It is the most delicious coffee you will ever taste. Having a Turkish coffee is among the must do things in Istanbul.

Play Backgammon

Along the streets of Istanbul, you will see gentlemen playing games. Backgammon is the game and if you are around you have to give it a try.

Try a Hookah

It also goes by Shisha or water pipe, and this smoke is very popular in Istanbul. In fact, leaving the city without trying hookah would be a regrettable mistake.