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Turkey June 2015 - safety check

Will be traveling to western Turkey with another person in late June - Istanbul, Izmir, Antalaya. I have checked the state dept website and have read some on civil unrest, upcoming elections, and other tensions, etc. Just checking on others' perspectives on travel safety, precautions and other watch out situations from your recent travels to Turkey. Thank you.

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The election will take place next Sunday,7th June,so by the time you arrive later in the month all the hoo-haa will be over and we will be living with the results(for better or worse!).Unless there is some bizarre major election shock it is unlikely that there will be any civil unrest happening.

However do remember that people are free to hold demonstrations and marches and so these can take place at any time and whilst most often pretty peaceful,unless of a contentious nature, it is always better to stay away from large crowds.Particularly in Istanbul,be aware at all times of who and what is around you and if you become aware of a lot of people heading in a certain direction,perhaps with rolled up banners etc. then simply go the other way.Local protests over whatever are nothing to do with visitors and are best avoided.

Regarding terrorism security ,don't leave bags unattended and obey security rules at airports etc..There cannot be a country left in the world which doesn't have some terrorism fears ,this is a sad part of life today.Just be sensible,be aware but don't be too paranoid.Despite warnings about this problem and that problem Turkey is still far safer than the negative worry warts would have you believe.

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If you're worried, you can sign up with the State Department for text alerts if any civil unrest is imminent. I was in Istanbul for a week in late March. It was a wonderful visit and I always felt perfectly safe, no matter what part of the city I was exploring.