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Turkey Itinerary and Tour Group

Planning a 14 day trip to Turkey in the fall. Will go to Istanbul, Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Ephesus, and a seaside location. Need help planning days in each location as well as way to travel thur the country. Am thinking....
Istanbul 4 - 5 nights
Cappadocia 3 nights
Pamukkale 2 nights
Ephesus 2 nights
Seaside location 3 nights

Am thinking we would travel on our own in Istanbul and then use a tour company to take us to other sights. Can you recommend a tour group ? and comment on my itinerary and days allocated? Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

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Yes, I have looked at his tours and I watched he zoom. While I'm sure that tour is great...I would like to spend more time in Istanbul, with fewer places to see, and less time on a bus. Im really looking for a tour group that will take us from Istanbul to the other places mentioned in my inquiry.

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I have taken the Turkey Tour and have returned to Turkey to tour on my own. Realize that it is a large country and distances between sites are far and take time. You are going to spend many hours traveling from point to point no matter which company you’re using. Suppose the only way to save on travel time would to have a custom tour which would be quite expensive. If you take Rick’s tour, you could always add a day or two to Istanbul before or after the tour. I’ve been on 14 tours with Rick and this was one of the best!

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I spent a little over 2 weeks in Turkey back in 2007 as a solo traveler and loved it. Your itinerary looks very good - somewhat similar to mine. I wound up staying 4 nights in Istanbul at the beginning (then 2 at the end), then 3 nights in Cappadocia, 3 nights in Fethiye and 2 nights in Selcuk (Ephesus) with a day trip to Izmir on the way back to Istanbul and then, like I said, 2 more nights in Istanbul before I left. I mostly traveled by bus, which I really enjoyed but maybe not to everyone's liking. Their bus system is wonderful, though - luxurious buses with movies, reclining seats and so on. And it's a great way to meet people.

I did not do any tours, although at the place I stayed in Goreme, the owner told me that his assistant would drive me around for the day and show me lots of things I couldn't get to by bus or walking. That was an incredible experience and all for around $20 (plus tip). I saw a lot of the caves and many other sites. Alton even took me to his house and I met his mother and sisters and had tea with them. That alone was worth it. Sadly, the hotel I stayed at is no longer in operation. Alton and I still keep in touch on Facebook. :)

In Fethiye, I went on a boat cruise for the day, which was wonderful. We made several stops and went swimming, then had a wonderful lunch on board. I was the only American - it was mostly other Europeans with me.

If you are interested, I wrote an online journal of my trip when I was there with some photos. Obviously it was a while ago but it might be helpful to get a feel for the place. Turkey was absolutely wonderful - probably one of my most favorite destinations. The food is incredible, and the people are the friendliest and most helpful I've ever met. One man actually walked me 4 blocks to the bus stop when I got lost, which was completely out of his way. :) If you get a chance, learn a bit of Turkish before you go. The locals will really appreciate it.

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I did what you are thinking of doing when I went to Istanbul in 2020.
I used a travel agency in the Fatih area to book tours to in Cappadocia, Ephesus and Pamukkale (we stayed 2 nights in Cappadocia and they arranged the hotel stay, hot air balloon ride and transfers).
We used Turkish airlines and flew to all the locations, we had airport transfers arranged and we had a tour guide in each location. The agency took care of everything including the air transportation at a very reasonable price.

You have a lot of time so you can do some research with a few agencies and see what works best for you.
Here is one options:
I can PM you if I remember the name of the agency I used but there are a lot of companies(based in Turkey) online providing the kind of service you require and you can email them.

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Thank you Nadine, do you remember the name of the travel agency you used?
Thanks to all for your insight!

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I used this agency in 2015 and they were quite helpful.
Send an email to both of these companies (the link in my earlier response) and see what they offer.
Turkey is one of my favourite countries and I am sure you will enjoy it tremendously.

This is the agency I used in 2020. They were a short walk from my hotel.
You are planning ahead with enough time to do some research and see what works for you.
Have fun researching.